Monday, July 20, 2009

New update...

It's been a while I know... Sorry about that, life has been busy. We've been trying to get our house ready to sell (again), and have run into snag after snag. Looks like it will be after vacation before our sign goes up, but hopefully soon.

We want to move as soon as possible, into a bigger house to accomodate our growing family. I think everyone knows that we are expecting number three, but maybe that's not news that's been out there yet either.

So, Baby Rozema #3 is expected January 6th. I'm hoping this will happen a little earlier because, well, if you're that close to the end of the year, you might as well get a tax incentive. Both of our boys were a week early so it is possible.

We are going to try to find out what this one is, but won't have an ultrasound till the end of August. I'm so excited to have a healthy one growing inside me. I've already started to feel what I expect is this little one, but it's so early that I just suspect. Josh has been trying to figure out names. So far he likes Samuel Jacob for a boy. He is not liking our girl name and says "Brooklyn, yuck" everytime we mention it. Oh, an opinionated 4 year old. Noah is not at all concerned with this baby thing that we keep talking about. He's into being a two year old who doesn't really know what he wants and throws tantrums when he can't figure it out.

It's amazing how different children in the same family can be. I love them both, but they are so completely opposite on some things. It makes me smile and tear up when I hear Noah saying "thank you Josh" when he helps him with something or watching them play nicely together. It makes me wonder what I was thinking when they start teasing each other or fighting over the silliest things.

I guess I'm on a quarterly update schedule right now, but I promise to try to do better!

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